Are You Managing Yourself Online?


Facebook created the social newsfeed and has revolutionized how consumers ingest information.  I check my Facebook profile a couple times a day (if not more) to see what others are doing on the whole.   The news feed model has spread like wildfire through the fabric of the social networking world and now there are probably at least one hundred various social networks doing something similar, integrating with Facebook or betting on Google Open Social.  Though I have not been a big fan of Plaxo in the past, I think the Plaxo Pulse has done the best job of integrating lots of different social networks and social information sharing resources while challenging LinkedIn’s dominance (allowing me to integrate my LinkedIn profile with Plaxo – brilliant.)

Managing all these identities with different people involved in different networks with different information is challenging.  Google my full name “Nikesh Parekh” and you get:

  • Nikesh Parekh’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Nikesh Parekh’s Blogger Profile (which I started in 2005 and never really developed)
  • Nikesh Parekh’s ActiveRain profile
  • Nikesh Parekh’s Naymz profile (signed up for but never really finished)
  • Nikesh’s Zoominfo profile
  • Nikesh Parekh’s Amazon profile
  • Nikesh Parekh’s Spoke profile
  • Nikesh’s Facebook profile
  • Finally on Page 3 – Nikesh Parekh’s Blog

Anyways, my point being, more and more people are using the Internet and Google as their primary source for information.  Management of your personal search results and consistency of information across social networks seems like a core problem that more and more people are going to run into.  In the process of trying to “share” my blog with others, I had to log into at least four different social outlets (just to start): Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, and Digg. 

I know there are lots of companies going after either 1) being the dominant social network or 2) creating an integrated social network platform to make it easier for people to manage their information.   Brad Feld wrote a good blog here on “Friend Integration” which is not exactly my pain point, but it is interesting nonetheless.

My gut tells me there has got to be a better way, there are lots of opportunities here and a big need beyond the two opportunities above.  Any other thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Are You Managing Yourself Online?

  1. I’m as addicted to the Web as the next guy, but I don’t have time to manage my presence on all these sites today. Aside from my blog and LinkedIn network, I’m pretty bad at everything else. I’ve got Plaxo, Facebook and a few others, but rarely use or update them.

    I’m still struggling with the balance between time invested in these tools, and then short-term and long-term return on that investment.

  2. nparekh00

    I am finding that it is useful to take the time to update all these various sources. More and more people, recruiters, networkers, and hiring managers are using the Internet for background checks. A lot of these services like Zoominfo and Jigsaw are aggregating public information as a stub and waiting for the professionals to log in and modify the stub. It is time consuming, but it seems like these sites are attracting traffic and people are consuming the information. It’s always better to be part of the conversation at the end of the day.

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