The Future of Online Real Estate? – ActiveRain Secures $2.75 Million Series A Investment


Big news in the online real estate industry.  ActiveRain is one of the fastest growing professionally focused social networks and blogging networks on the Internet.  ActiveRain was founded about 18 mos ago and, in that time, they have attracted close to 70,000 real estate agents and mortgage broker members, who are very very dedicated to the service.  Their traffic has grown significantly since the beginning of 2007 and is generating significant consumer and real estate professional traffic.  What is most interesting though is that the major online real estate players – Zillow and Trulia, etc – are trying to attracting hyperlocal real estate blogging.  ActiveRain is the online firm that I can think of that has been able to attract significant real estate agent participation online. 

Today they announced a $2.75m strategic investment from HouseValues.  HouseValues is one of the original online marketing firms.  Ironically, HouseValues had a very active agent-to-agent message board called the MasterMind Forum, where agents provided advice and referrals to other agents.  ActiveRain expanded this concept exponentially.  ActiveRain is doing something really special.  I encourage everyone in the real estate industry and online marketing to check them out.  

Real Estate Blog – ActiveRain secures $2.75 Million Series A minority investment

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