A Tale of Two Cities: Yahoo vs. Google


It’s rare for me to discuss an article in the Seattle Times or San Jose Mercury News, but a good friend of mine David Eraker, CEO of Mindsite and founder of Redfin, saw this one.  Great review of the relationship of Yahoo and Google and how the battle between Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft was foretold in nascent business development relationships from the early 2000’s. 

As someone who has spend a significant part of his career working the backrooms and lobbies for business development and corporate development (I am on the advisory board for the University of Washington’s Business Development Certificate Program), I thought it was a very interesting article of the power of good business development in terms of relationship building in the industry.  Clearly Google has been pretty tactical in their business development or corporate development activities over the past nine years.  It seems like that business development really set the stage for Google ascent to power.  In many companies, business development is an amorphous function that has limited power and limited ability to forecast landscape changes or drive new opportunities for the companies.  Companies that do not invest in business development (especially on the Internet) and enable business development professionals to drive revenue or change can really miss out on big opportunities. 

More on good business development to follow soon. 

HERE IS THE ARTICLE: Yahoo Pays the Price for A Good Deed to Google  


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